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Wacom tablet lag for Windows 7 fix

Ugh, took me half the night but I finally fixed it.

I kept on getting annoying lag when I was drawing in OpenCanvas and Photoshop CS3 (finally started drawing again... I think the video game addiction phase has crested, at least) and it was driving me completely crazy. Smooth curves were jagged connected straight lines. If I was doing any stipple-like work all my brushstrokes would appear half a second after I'd actually done it. Adrian asked me how old my tablet was and I almost bit his head off for asking that. Who cares how old my tablet is? So what if it's a line that's been discontinued? I WANT MY TABLET TO WORK, DAMNIT.

But... there's a pretty simple answer.

Just roll back the driver. I got the version released in 2009 and now everything works just fine. But do uninstall any previously installed drivers and do yourself a favor and put the double-click time on the smallest setting possible, because that will slow your penstrokes down too.

And... technology is changing way too fast! Slow the fuck down, fuckers. I leave for 1.5 years for WoW and what do I get to come back to? A whole buncha new shit is what. I have to deal with new things in OC (ver 4.5.17e - whoooolllleee lotta changes) and I'm not even using the latest version of Photoshop, and CS3 is still new to me. The layout is all different! The gray background is a darker gray! What the fuck is this sidebar doing here?

Quit changing things! Things were fine the way they were. :( It wasn't broke so stop fixing it.

Once I get things fixed the way I like 'em I'm gonna make an image of my computer and then NEVER UPGRADE AGAIN.